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Basic Athlete Information

  • [U9] 5 to 8 yrs old - [U13] 9 to 12 yrs old - [U18] 13 to 18 yrs old (High School)
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Waiver Agreement

  • This agreement is intended for the benefit of everyone involved. Its purpose is to clarify the responsibilities of its members and provide for a positive experience for everyone. The Timmins Wrestling Club goal is to produce exemplary citizen on and off the wrestling mat. Participation in our club will facilitate excellent preparation for success in life.

    All Timmins Wrestling Club athletes are representatives of this wrestling club, the community, the province, the country as well as their families. The team will be evaluated by the actions of its members both on and off the mats. Taking this into account, we expect all our members to be considered in the highest regard. We therefore insist that members follow these rules while participating in any event in which the club is involved, including travel to and from with the club:

    Timmins Wrestling Club Rules, Policies and Procedures:
  • 1) Abide by the rules, laws, regulations and bylaws of the OAWA, the CAWA, Canada, and the Province of Ontario (or any province or foreign country in which the athlete may be traveling with the club), or any host or host venue.
  • 2) Any conduct detrimental to the best interest of the club will not be tolerated. This includes fighting and poor sportsmanship such as swearing, trash talking, showboating or arguing with officials, coaches, parents or teachers.
  • 3) Unless otherwise stated, on overnight coach-supervised trips the following protocol will apply: The curfew is 10 p.m. lights out, in your assigned room and sleeping. Members must be in their assigned rooms, unless permission to change rooms is given by a coach. Members are responsible for any damage resulting to their assigned room unless the changed assignments are noted.
  • 4) Same-gender chaperones must be present on all over-night trips.
  • 5) Coaches or other adult Volunteers cannot room with athletes when traveling and so on.
  • 6) No females in male’s rooms and or no males in female’s rooms on any overnight event.
  • 7) Coaches or adult volunteers are not permitted to room with athletes
  • 8) No fraternizing, please refrain from public displays of affection with girlfriends or boyfriends during club activities.
  • 9) Respect the property of others at all times, including while traveling to events, while participating at events, while residing in accommodations. Theft and vandalism will not be tolerated. No stealing, tampering with, or destruction of belongings or the property of others.
  • 10) Possession or use of alcohol while under the legal age, and/ or being intoxicated, regardless of age, while representing the club at any event is forbidden.
  • 11) The use of any form of tobacco is prohibited.
  • 12) Athletes with any infectious or contagious diseases are not to return to practice or competition until the infectious or contagious disease has been cleared by a doctor. For skin diseases, the skin must be completely returned to normal. Athletes must notify a coach and all athletes in contact with, of any infectious or contagious diseases such as ringworm. Athletes are not to come into contact with blood other than their own. Stop, clean and cover all cuts and bleeding immediately.
  • 13) Harassment is a criminal offence and will be treated as one. Harassment whether written, verbal, sexual, physical, emotional or racial, will not be tolerated. Any form of hazing (initiation) will be treated as harassment.
  • 14) Timmins Wrestling Club does not advocate the use of any performance enhancing substance either on the permitted or banned list. There will be no use of or possession of drugs or performance enhancing substances prohibited by either law or the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

  • In cases of illegal activity: the police will be contacted and any member breaking the law will be charged. Take note that the club will come down very tough on athletes guilty of any behavior contrary to fair play or illegal.

    Defiance of the proceeding rules, policies and procedures will result in immediate suspension. An immediate suspension at the discretion of the coaching staff present can involve being sent home from an over-night event at the expense of the violator. A disciplinary hearing against the violator will be held to discuss a suspension from overnight trips for at least a period of exactly one-year. A more severe penalty may also be imposed. However, any appeal by the athlete and his/her parent/ guardian or personal coach will be heard by the executive before making their final decision. Ultimately, the executive reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to any athlete who fails to comply with the Timmins Wrestling Club Rules, Policies and Procedures or any new rules, policies or procedures imposed verbally at any given time.

    Media Policy
    Timmins Wrestling (TW) and it’s staff reserves the right to use any photos/videos taken at scheduled practices, events, tournaments and/or any club outings without the expressed written permission of those included within the photos/videos and/or parent/guardian’s written permission.

    Timmins Wrestling (TW) may use the photos/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by (TW) Timmins Wrestling including but not limited to: newspapers, television, websites, social media etc.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
    Disclaimer of Liability
    The Timmins Wrestling Club and its staff do not assume liability for any injuries incurred while at a formal practice or any wrestling related event or on the way to or from any said event or practice. Please contact your insurance company to get additional insurance if necessary.

    The athlete, in participating or using any club facilities, does so at his/her own risk. The Timmins Wrestling Club staff shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by the athlete during any Timmins Wrestling Club event or at the facilities. The athlete and his/her parents assume full responsibility for any damages or injuries which may occur during participation in club activities and hereby fully and forever exonerate and discharge the Timmins Wrestling Club, its staff, employees and agents, from any and all claims, demands, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, whether the same be known, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of the athlete’s participation in the program and in use of the facilities.

  • The bullet/checkbox below will acknowledge and declare you or your son/daughter is healthy and able to participate in wrestling and intensive physical actives. Furthermore, your online consent by checking off the bullet/checkbox below allows a coach to complete the online OAWA registration for your son or daughter.

  • We agree to abide by all the rules, provisions and conditions of this Timmins and Thériault Wrestling Club Athlete Code of Conduct. I have read and understand the proceeding Timmins and Thériault Wrestling Club rules.