Mission Statement

The Timmins Wrestling Club’s goal is to encourage youth to participate in the sport of wrestling by promoting physical activity, fair play and a healthy lifestyle. We strive to give the athletes the best opportunities to achieve success in the sport of wrestling by providing the best training and the possibility to compete nationwide. Timmins Wrestling Club would like to assist youth to achieve their highest potential while providing them with a sense of discipline, respect and a good work ethic which will help them grow to become confident, caring members of the community.

Provincials 2014
Provincials 2015
OFSAA 2013

Who can wrestle?

Anybody! Wrestling is a sport everyone can enjoy. Individuals of any size, age, and gender can train and compete, including those who live with disabilities such as hearing, sight, or limb defects

Why wrestle?

“Wrestling offers athletes the opportunity to enhance their self-confidence, strength, and endurance. Wrestlers not only learn athletic skills and technique but also gain insight into their own character. And the sport can teach them lessons they will value for a lifetime – the art of self-discipline, sacrifice and how to exercise the will to prevail.” Paul K Scott member of the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame

What do I need to wrestle?

Wrestling is one of the most cost efficiant sports. All you need is a pair of shoes, shorts, t-shirt and a willingness to learn.

Where do we wrestle?

The Timmins Wrestling club practices in the gym of École secondaire catholique Thériault and also the gym of École Publique Renaissance. Check the event calender for our next practice or contact one of the coaches of the club


Please fill out the following form and return it to one of the coaches. Nobody is allowed on the wrestling mat without filling out the proper documentation. If you have any questions regarding the registration please contact me at neil@timminswrestling.com. Once the proper documentation has been received and club fees have been paid, the coach will submit the documentation to the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association.